Scott Kaufmann

Scott is an experienced professional who has been serving the community since 1983.  He decided at age 14 that this is the career he would pursue, and he has never wavered from that commitment. Because he enjoys helping individuals working towards becoming and remaining wealthy predictably so much, he never plans to retire (his father retired as an advisor at age 81).  

He is the proud small business owner of Kaufmann Financial.  Small business is the lifeblood of American commerce.  LPL Financial, his brokerage firm, affords him the independence and freedom to do what is right for his clients, unfettered from undue influence from the powers-that-be to recommend investments that are proprietary, overly expensive, and mediocre.     

Scott earned an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) designation through the College for Financial Planning.

Scott has had 36 letters to the Editor published in Wall Street Journal.  He has enjoyed the unique opportunity to meet with Tim Lemmer, letters editor, twice at the Wall Street Journal headquarters in New York.

Scott graduated with Highest Distinction (top 5%) from the University Of Kansas School Of Business Administration, where he taught Business Statistics.

He is a frequent contributor on KMBZ 980 AM’s Moneyline.

Scott has been the featured speaker at six United States Naturalization ceremonies.  He is overjoyed that U.S. District Court Judge Carlos Murguia encouraged him to wear his “All American Celebration” two-foot, red, white and blue stovepipe hat at his last speech in November 2017.  Our newly naturalized citizens also seemed to enjoy his welcoming double fist pumps.

Scott is past President of the Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club.  He has been song leader for over 30 years.  Motto:” if you can’t sing well, sing loudly and enthusiastically.”

Scott enjoys traveling the world, scuba diving, listening to live music, and walking dogs for rescue shelters.  

Scott is married to Susan and has two daughters, Lily and Natalie.