Livin' The Dream

“Livin’ the Dream” refers to a talk I heard at Florida State University called Living Life at Performance Level. It was given by Curtis Zimmerman. Curtis is a juggler, fire-eater, and motivational speaker (he had me at fire-eater). I had taken my oldest daughter Lily to FSU for orientation in June of 2013. 

Lily’s dream since age 4 has been to perform professionally on Broadway. She would be majoring in Music Theater at FSU, which has one of the country’s finest programs. 

Curtis described how his energy level would soar when he appeared on stage. He decided to live his life as if he were constantly on stage, or at “performance level”. And when others would ask how he was doing, he would say, “I’m living the dream”. 

Curtis emphasized that everyone, today, can write the script of his life. You can choose to plan, to make a difference. Don’t wait! Curtis’ talk resonated with me. I decided four decades ago that I would help people make better financial decisions. Every day is a challenge and a blessing. I firmly believe that living the dream occurs from the joy of overcoming challenges. And the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity for personal and financial growth. 

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

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